About Ray's - Making the most of your good looks!

Making the most of your good looks!

About Ray's of Bedford - Your Hair Replacement Specialists

Experience Matters!

Ray’s of Bedford has been around a long time!

Ray Bourgeois and his wife Brenda founded the company in 1962 and together and brought a unique, and sensitive approach to working with their clients. Their first location was on Elm Street, in Manchester, NH.  Not only does Ray’s of Bedford bring many years of professional barbering to their customers, but they have continually been at the forefront of the hair restoration industry.

They moved into the beautiful Bedford Commons medical and office park in Bedford, NH which provides clients with a very convenient and discreet location.  Being in the hair restoration business for over 50 years, Ray continues to provide his unique skills and artistry to helping everyone look and feel their very best.  This one-on-one personal care is focused on maintaining a professional and confidential approach to services. Ray is happy to take the time to work with you to determine what option is best for you.


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Ray’s of Bedford specializes in hair rejuvenation.

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“Ray’s of Bedford is the place to go for hair replacement. The first time I went to the business, I was nervous, but everyone immediately put me at ease. Now I’m a long time customer and am very pleased with the quality of the products and service. Ray listens to what the customer wants, and believe me, I’m finicky! Ray’s hairstyling skills are super, and he’s really in touch with current hairstyles. I’m glad that the business has separate rooms for each customer, and he respects each customer’s privacy. Also he’s as honest as the day is long. Needless to say, I highly recommend Ray’s of Bedford to you.”

“Ray has been making me look good for over 20 years…I started seeing Ray as a young man when my hair loss became very apparent. My wife and I just wanted to see what I would look like with a nice head of hair. Well, the difference was dramatic and I’ve been having Ray take care of my hair service ever since. Over the years, Ray has always kept up with the latest technology and provided pieces that are comfortable and look great. Ray combines his skill as a great barber with his hair replacement knowledge to provide a great service. His shop is located in an area that provides convenience and confidentiality.”

“I am very pleased with my new Hair Pieces. The color and the cut of the new units are just perfect. These units are softer and have a nice wave to them, more like my own hair. The hair line is much more natural looking them my previous units. I don’t know how you matched the white in my hair, the appearance it gives me is unbelievable. Family and friends can’t believe that these units are not my own growing hair!!! As you know wives seem to be the most critical of their husband’s appearance, my wife Linda is no exception, she absolutely loves to run her hands through my hair. Linda can’t tell where my own growing hair ends and the hair piece begins. Thank you.”

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