The Benefits of Cool Soft Laser Hair Rejuvenation

Cool Soft Laser Hair Rejuvenation

Fuller, thicker, and healthier hair!

Cold Laser Hair Therapy

What is Cool Soft Laser Hair Rejuvenation?
It delivers light energy to provide nourishment and energy to your hair. The result is a restorative reaction that clears debris from the hair shafts, swells the cortex, and closes the cuticles, leading to a healthier scalp. Cool Soft Laser Hair Rejuvenation is FDA approved and cleared for safety. It does not burn, cut, or damage the skin in any way. It is non-invasive and complies with laser safety standards for cosmetic use.


80-90% successful and approved by the FDA.

What are the benefits of Cool Soft Laser Hair Rejuvenation?

• Thickens existing hair
• Fuller, thicker, healthier hair
• Stops the progression of hair loss
• Improves scalp disorders (such as psoriasis)
• Repairs thin, over-processed, or chemically damaged hair
• Helps repair split ends
• Removal of debris from hair shafts, stimulating hair to regrow

How long and how often are treatments?
Each laser session lasts for 15-20 minutes and is given twice weekly. The number of treatments is determined by both the extent of the hair loss and the condition of the hair. The length of time varies with each individual.

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